Best-in-class project documentation requires competent people, high-quality content and smart information systems. Prohoc has been a trusted partner in delivering project documentation for manufacturing companies; and we want to take it even further: our target is to provide 'project documentation as a service'. Therefore, we are developing the competencies and solutions to meet the customer needs.


Project documentation is a shared challenge. Project organisation and the network of suppliers are contributing and generating the documentation using different systems and different pace. This project information flow is typically coordinated with very conservative tools, like email, phone and centralized document management systems.


"I think that each member of a delivery project organisation is putting their best effort to ensure that documentation is on-time and complete. However, it still is a shared responsibility and therefore often falls between the cracks and generates extra costs", tells Ilkka Palola, a newly appointed Director of Information Services at Prohoc.


"We see, feel and tackle this every day. Hence, we want to change this with the help of smart technology. Digitalisation of project communication can remind, automate some of the routine tasks and filter out the relevant information for the coordinator, supplier and customer. As an outcome, we get punctual project documentation, packaged into a service", continues Ilkka.


Ilkka knows this domain. He has been developing new services as an account director and project leader at There Corporation Oy in energy retail digitalisation projects. And before that, more than 10 years in documentation service development in manufacturing industry domain, both in leader and expert roles.


Starting from 16.2.2017 Ilkka is taking care of Information Services. Iiro Wesslin is responsible for business development of all accounts covering all Prohoc services and is planning to move closer to customers:


"Having Ilkka on board is a big step forward for our information services. We will together respond to the needs of the existing accounts and make Prohoc familiar to new ones". Iiro states.


"I’m really glad to see Ilkka joining our team! To meet our growth goals for Information Business, it was vital to get a guy like Ilkka to be responsible for Documentation business. Now we have the resources both to develop the IS-business and really focus on being more available to our customers concerning all Prohoc services by Iiro.” CEO Matti Manner says.  


For more information, please contact:


Ilkka Palola, Director, Information Services

+358 50 3687533


Iiro Wesslin, Business Development Director