This spring Prohoc has put 5S-methodology into operation and the results have surprised positively.


Have you heard about the 5S-methodology? Or does your company or employer operate the 5S to increase the productivity and get rid of the dispensable items in the working environment?


5S is a cyclical system what can be divided to five repetitive stages:

1)      Sort items and remove the unnecessary ones

2)      Set items in order, so they are easily find

3)      Shine and clean up the workplace and keep it that way

4)      Standardize the best practices and maintain them highly

5)      Sustain the neatness and do it without being told


“Generally speaking the starting point wasn’t bad, but we wanted to smarten up the office in total and make it more convenient. Besides the timing was good for this methodology to take its place in Prohoc, because we have got more excellent experts under the same roof and several moves has been taken at the office. So proper spring cleaning was in order.” states Maiju Ylikoski, who has been coordinating the 5S-results during the spring.


The idea is to achieve continuous improvement, reduce waste and “unnecessary items” from workplace and make the operations more consistent, whether the operation at stake is about production or office task. With 5S methodology organizations improve also the safety conditions at work.


“Now we have even better organized office and every item has its own place. Common spaces like our renewed lobby and meeting room are taken care of everybody and that is nice to see.“ says Maiju Ylikoski.