Nice Run came ashore to Vaasa in June, and as a tradition our ProLadies represented us with proud and honor. Of course a suitable outfit was important part of the fun.


nice run 2015 prohoc

I is a jubilee year for Nice Run happening and the hosts were who else but the Dudesons. Nice Run is a well-being and physical exercise event for women. “It’s all about motion, being together and enjoying a picnic.” It doesn’t matter if you want to run, jog or walk with your girl mates, all what matters is good feeling and well-being. The Nice Run tour moves women in nine locations throughout Finland during this summer.


This year Prohoc had five ambassador runners and we wanted to bring out our experts’ site work and run for them, so helmets and safety vests were real spot on! Even the flags of our present site countries figured, for example the flags of Finland, Sweden, China, Poland and Azerbaijan…  


“The spring has been very chilly and windy, and this was like the first sunny and warm day. Almost like to summer’s credit! The biggest compliments to organizers and our “men service troops” who took care of our refueling and fizz shower at the finish line!” says our runner and HR assistant, Tanja Lapinjoki.