“We at Prohoc see project business as a relay race, where the success is determined by successful selection of the team members, setting the right strategy and striving towards the goal as a team with highest determination and perseverance.“ - Matti Manner, CEO


Prohoc offers PM, EPCM and other project management services for large scale industrial investment projects. PM Service is about managing a project on customer's behalf. While Prohoc provides a project team and full coordination, the customer can focus on their core business. EPCM is a contract arrengement, where the customer defines the scope, budjet, quality demand and project duration and Prohoc delivers the project. The ultimate goal for Prohoc is always to satisfy the end customer. 


Prohoc's services include all steps from initial project planning to commissioning of the systems including full project documentation. Prohoc's strength is in combining mechanical and automation expertize and taking care of smooth erection at construction site.


The project management needs will be filled by Prohoc with vastly experienced and multi-discipline engineering team. Prohoc's versatile team has competence to support in all stages of the project lifecycle, from feasibility studies to erection, operation or decommissioning. 


ProManagement References: 

  • Electrification, electrical installations and commissioning for mining industry

  • Traceheating systems for mining and energy related projects 

  • Gas detection and protection systems for various industries

  • Lube-oil monitoring systems for marine and energy projects

  • Turbowashing systems and turbo-generator installations to diesel power plants