EMPOWERED PEOPLE today – empowered projects tomorrow!

The way we used to work in the past and the way we still work today, is not the winning playbook for tomorrow. This is obvious and true with most if not all organizations.

At Prohoc we see the change already very clearly and we are acting on it – big time. We’ve redefined our strategy as I wrote in my last blog, bringing a people-centric strategy where EMPOWERED PEOPLE is the most important cornerstone for our future.

As part of our rebirth, we came to a clear conclusion that instead of us being in the project business, helping our customers to succeed in their business, we are in the PEOPLE BUSINESS, serving projects.

It’s people working FOR PEOPLE and WITH PEOPLE to work on projects. Our project services remain and we’re moving forward with our PROJECT PARTNER services, but more on that later. Now about the most important battle.

We are on a mission to empower our people to shine in the world of projects. Our mission underlines the fact that we serve people. We believe that everyone deserves and needs to spend their days in a work environment where they can flourish, be part of something more than just work and what they can be truly proud of.

In our vision the hardcore engineering world, we so much are living in at Prohoc, unites the cutting-edge expertise of our team with the best leadership and more softer values. Hence, we are bringing new initiatives to move forward with our vision. It’s not however a magic wand, it’s living our values and promises every moment. All of us.

Major part of our mission is to improve the work life of the people we work with. Our project assignments are typically at distant places and at very challenging sites where working conditions, the ratio between work and leisure time and other aspects of life can be very demanding.

We want the project managers, the engineers and all other people that are affected by what we do, to feel they are special and living a fulfilling and rewarding life, both personally and professionally. We want to bring people-centricity, fun and meaningfulness to engineering and project business.

The actions we are doing to walk the talk are focusing on four main categories:
o Company culture and leadership
o Employee engagement
o Communication
o Goal orientation and rewarding

Empowering people is at the heart of our doing. We further strengthen our ability to recruit the best doers, give them the means to do their work successfully, offer them opportunities to grow and develop their competencies. We aim high and we aim to change the world of projects to better, day by day and project by project by the most engaged people in the industry.

Today we are the product of our earlier decisions, tomorrow we are a product of the decisions we make today. Our decision today, our pledge and commitment, is to work for a better work life for all our amazing people. I urge everyone to challenge and participate as this is a real team effort!

Ideas and challenging is very much appreciated 🙂

Matti Manner

Matti Manner


Sport enthusiastic, yachtsman and all around business engineer. After travelling around the globe trying to find world class suppliers Matti’s now navigating Prohoc to be one.