Capsulizing Empowerment – Introducing Prohoc’s Symbol

Every business leader, thinking consumer and sighted tradesperson is familiar with the idea of logo: a simple identifier of something abstruse. Logo is a face of an intangible entity, like a business organization or your favorite death metal band.

Good logo has personality and is distinguishable. And after time, something abstract can become concrete: an ownable, valuable asset. Symbol of trust and shared prosperity. Cool mark to perfect your otherwise average sweatshirt.

Prohoc is an organization of steady fundaments and adaptable mindset. With the most ambitious workout for future-proofed business strategy, it became clear that we need to show the change. You’re now facing the most streamlined and focused version
Prohoc.Prohoc’s symbol is a reminder and a promise: that we’re always advancing and never alone. We work for sustainable future and we reach our goals through co-operation. We define success by people’s wellbeing. Empowering means growing together.

Let’s symbolize that.

Jonne-Pekka Stenroos
Art Director at Staart