Requirement Management Services

The complexity in large capital projects is constantly increasing. There is always various stakeholders involved during the project and changes will take place during the lifecycle. Ability to maintain traceability of information is essential.

When the bidding contractor receives the Invitation to Tender – The material to be read and handled can be enormous, in large industrial projects from 3,000 pages to 10,000 pages. At the same time, the timeframe for tendering is getting ever-shorter, the average time for bidding being only from 2 weeks to 3 months. Deadlines that are too tight may often lead to working in rush and missing out the Customer requirements. One cannot manage the scope of the work, if you have not been able to clarify all requirements.

Prohoc has identified that there is an increasing need to have an efficient and systematic way of working for handling the bid & tender part of the project (Data, Process steps, Collaboration, Interdependences). To meet that demand, Prohoc has set-up a service together with Taipuva Consulting to support the Customers with Requirements Management in tendering phase. The service can be extended to cover also the Requirements Management in the Project execution phase, where the additional benefits can be utilized.


Prohoc and Taipuva digitalize the contractor’s tendering process by bringing the Invitation to Tender documents into a centralized digital environment for the data-driven cross-domain Requirements Management. We create a semi-automatic requirements recognition system, bring the requirements into a database, create automatic deviation lists and communication roundtrips with the Customer.

  • Digitize the Invitation to Tender documents
  • Document management
  • Requirements management
  • System hosting/management
  • Solutions development
  • Training
  • Consulting with Requirements Management

According to a research, every euro put in to requirement management returns 20 euros in form of avoided extraordinary project costs (~1:20 ratio). We want to help our Customers to achieve full control over the bid & tender process, improving the chances of claiming valid cost and time impacts accrued from imminent changes.

The needed processes are in one tool, truly connected – enabling the following without any compromise:

  • Traceability
  • Collaboration
  • Information reuse
  • Full history and audit trail
  • The status and integrity of all data at a given time point
  • Reports and views of all interconnected data and its history

Contact me to learn more how our Requirement Management Services can help your business to thrive:

Samuli Kyttälä

Samuli Kyttälä

Chief Business Officer