Jarmo Tuohimaa has been interested in electrical engineering since childhood. Nowadays, he has a vast experience of different working environments such as steel mills and nuclear plants. Currently, Jarmo works as an Electrical Supervisor/Commissioning Engineer for Prohoc.

Developing himself

Jarmo graduated as an Electrician in 1993 at Oulu Vocational College. He went to a technical side of the army, to Riihimäki NCO School (Non-Commissioned Officer School), and he serviced at Oulu depot.

Jarmo gained over 15 years of experience in industrial electrical installations all over Finland before joining Prohoc. He has a passion for the industry and enjoys developing himself.

– “My interest in engineering continues, even though, I have been working over 20 years in the industry. Recently I got a chance to deepen my knowledge about instrumentation,” he tells.

Joining Prohoc

In May 2012 Jarmo traveled to Vaasa seeking to experience something new. There he met Prohoc’s Juhani Huhta and the meeting turned out to be a significant turning point.

– “I came there to find out what kind of projects they have and how I would suit Prohoc’s needs. Well, here I am, still on that journey”, he says.

One of his latest sites was in Turkey. The project there was around a brand-new copper concentrator located near the Black Sea. Jarmo’s duties were related to commissioning but he also had a new role.

– “I received a broader responsibility and the workday didn’t end when you left the site”, Jarmo describes.

Taking care of the tasks and personnel

Experiences at various sites around the world have coached Jarmo on how to face different challenges and how to solve them.

– “Many of the sites are in exotic areas, where the workforce’s experience and skills can diverge from the western world. You must keep a closer look on the work process and that plans are understood appropriately. You also need to know how to direct people properly”, Jarmo declares.

It can be frustrating when the site develops slowly and you cannot do anything about it. Jarmo’s motivation emerges from varying tasks and when work safety is under control.

– “It inspires me when a job is suitably challenging, and dynamic. You can say the day has been successful if the site develops well and at the end of the day everyone can go home safely.”

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