Spring 2020 has taught us all to work remotely, whether we’ve done it before or not. In the future, at least partial remote work is likely to become a new normal. Check these tips to take care of your home office ergonomics and efficiency, both now and in the future.

Make an effort to create an ergonomic working area. Working by the dining table isn’t the best option neither for your ergonomics nor separating work from free time. If you don’t have a separate workroom in your home, organize a working corner somewhere. If possible, go fetch your work chair and your monitor from the office. Having a space dedicated only for work and nothing else will do magic for your motivation, too.

Now that your schedule is probably a bit more flexible, you can enjoy a jog in the daylight. Or you can do your yoga routine, or even take a nap in the middle of the day. Anything that makes you feel refreshed and helps you go on with your work.

If you struggle with starting the day when you lack the routine of commuting, try beginning every morning with a walk around the block. There, you have just walked to the office! And naturally at the end of the day you walk back home.

Think about what you wear. While the old sweatpants might be the most comfortable choice, a bit more formal outfit might help to put you in the work mood. Do it at least when there’s a video call.

Plan your days. Spend the last fifteen minutes of the day to plan the next day. In the following morning, start with the most challenging task on your to-do list. Once you’ve accomplished that, the rest of the day will feel a lot easier and you have a clear map of moving forward.

Mute notifications. Don’t give yourself up to the continuous beeping concert, it will only distract you. You can check your emails and other messages once an hour.

Have a break! Your brain needs it and so does your body. Stand up once an hour, do some stretching, get a glass of water or a cup of coffee. Try virtual coffee breaks with your colleagues. Breaks are like fuel for your concentration. And don’t forget about lunch!