“If you want to go fast – go alone, if you want to go far – go together”                                                                                                    * African proverb

Prohoc Oy has over 20 years of experience providing project partnership services for the major globally active Finnish engineering & technology companies, which are delivering complex industrial solutions utilizing various project delivery strategies.  Prohoc Oy has been contributing more than 1000 projects along its history and has gained considerable amount of experience in implementing various project delivery methodologies and project management processes, and usage of PM technologies – all together project management knowledge. We empower projects.

During our collaboration with Finnish engineering & technology providers, we have found some common nominators for the project business challenges, in categories of people, processes and technologies:

a. High fluctuation in business cycle causes challenges to retain and recruit skilled PM resources
b. Technology Solution Contract scopes are becoming more complex and complicated
Technology providers rely on personnel with high technological skills in siloed organisations
Many technology providers’ organisations are product-oriented, not project-oriented
Major variance to the expected project outcome is resulting from planning the project with uncertainty of requirements and unknown project conditions in project location country
Unrealistic project goals arise from the inability to plan under uncertainty – risk & contingencies
Lack of skills in managing changes to the plans and baselines – monies are left-on-table
Lack of cascading project progress monitoring and control requirements over subcontractors
Lack of knowledge, procedures and resources to manage site, construction execution, IFCs, materials, subcontractors, contractual customer interface – holistic management of project requirements
Most of projects fail because of absence of Project Requirements Management and ability to cascade requirements to the project work with traceability.

Prohoc – Home of PMOs

Why should you compete with another non-competing technology company in attracting and retaining the project management professionals, while they could be available to everyone? Why can’t we ALL establish a joint centre of excellence in project management competence, in which locomotives of Finnish industry would collaborate and share the best practices of project management – while letting engineering consultant companies do what they best can i.e. engineering design?

We have also learned in many occasions that external stakeholders, like capital project investors, customers and lenders are pressing out requirements on project management processes and PM technologies, which are not always available within the bidding company, and company’s inertia of corporate initiatives cause delays of getting those timely approved and implemented. Versatile alternative could be to procure required PM technologies as a service – PMO as a Service.


Building on our strengths: professional and development-oriented people, manifold of project experiences and SME-level agility, Prohoc Oy is developing a new concept called PMO-as-a-service to alleviate the common nominators of challenges discussed in the earlier chapters. The key for customers here would be to acknowledge the value of collaboration, which is achieved through membership of PMOaaS. The service could be your sole PMO organisation or conversely, only complementing your own PMO organisation.

Capturing and sharing the best project management practices would be essential in increasingly competitive and complex business. Flexibility to swiftly bring in interim PM resources will improve fixed cost structure of the businesses. Efficiencies in project resourcing will reduce risks adherent to high workload fluctuations.

Fig. 1 Elements for going far together – PMOaaS

Essential in project business is also the agility in implementing ad-hoc customer requirements on PM technologies for instance such as software systems and way of working for Project Requirements Lifecycle Management, Schedule Management, Probabilistic Cost Estimating and Risk Management.

According to Tensix Consulting (www.tensix.com) the Future PMOs are putting focus on agility, digital performance, and people wellbeing.

To mention few:

  • Adaptive PMO – flexibility and adapt to situation
  • Intelligent tools – modern tools to use of big data for predictive analysis
  • Robotic Process Automation – efficiency through automated reporting
  • Project Wellbeing Awareness – right people on right place at right time with right support
  • Coaching – Developing PM skills across the businesses
  • Investment in PMs and PM capability – Develop People, PM Processes and PM Technology

Prohoc Oy – Home of PMO – provides a well people & knowledge & tools loaded platform as a service. We could go far together with PMOaaS, do you want to be part of bringing it to the next level?  Maybe Prohoc Empowers Your Project Business in future?

Sami Myllyviita

Sami Myllyviita

M.Sc. Eng., ABM, PMP® Management Consultant, Project Business / Leadership as VP for Project Partnership Services in Prohoc