The story of Prohoc started 1996 in Vaasa with unique original purpose to support local hockey club. Over the past 25 years, Prohoc has grown into an international industrial project partner with more than 200 employees, and Customers from around the world. We have had the honor of working long-term with numerous leading global companies.

Jean Nabb

Jean Nabb

Co-operation with Prohoc started in 1998
Prohoc Board Member 2011–2016

“In 1998, Prohoc contacted us about offering copying services and office resources to our department in Wärtsilä. Couple of years later we started co-operation in resourcing projects at Wärtsilä’s construction sites and in 2012 the number of site experts had grown considerably from a few people to a dozen engineers.

I recall that in 2012 Prohoc increased their back-office personnel and the total amount of Prohoc employees grew. The amount of Customers started to increase at the same time.

My cooperation with Prohoc has been with site services, and Prohoc has always been a reliable partner. The communication between our companies has always been fluent, no matter what the topic is. We have solved all challenges in great cooperation, keeping in mind that competitiveness remains on both parties while meeting the end Customers’ demands.

In Wärtsilä site services, the end Customers always determine success. Feedback from the field and other Customers representatives shows how Wärtsilä and Prohoc have been successful together.

Prohoc – Wärtsilä cooperation has been a win-win situation for all parties. Smooth communication and great Customer service have played a vital role in this success already when Martti Manner was in the lead of the company and also under the leadership of Matti Manner.

It has been great to see how Prohoc has strived to invest in people and in the wellbeing of the experts. At construction sites the conditions vary a lot, and it is great to see that Prohoc recognizes different needs according to the circumstances and the person him/ herself and reacts to any signals from the field. I think it is crucial to invest in the well-being of employees.

In the context of recent developments, it can be expressed that Prohoc has become a global player.”

Jari Mylläri

Jari Mylläri

Co-operation with Prohoc started in 2000
Prohoc Board Member 2005–2016

Prohoc provides experts to various industrial companies, and the business repertoire has expanded, for example by collaborating with companies like WOIMA. Prohoc can be proud of what it has accomplished and the company’s recent developments in the global world.”

“During our cooperation, Prohoc has delivered us more than 10 resources for our business. All these people have worked for us for more than a year, the longest period lasted for more than 15 years. In Uponor (previously KWH) Prohoc’s experts have supported us in sales, Russia business services, automation engineering, technical documentation, and various project/site engineering duties.

The projects included district heating pipe factories and plastic pipe factories globally. I am very pleased with our cooperation with Prohoc, it has been successful and fruitful to both parties.

Whenever there is a need to get a professional for a project through Prohoc, we have consistently received the right kind of person. The recruitment process at Prohoc has been very successful and all other matters related to cooperation have gone according to as agreed.

Prohoc is a trustworthy, reliable and overall great partner when you are in need for additional resources or other services for your project delivery. There have never been significant challenges in over 15 years and all matters have always been resolved instantly.

It is good to see that Prohoc is active and developing new business opportunities. Company’s actions feel dynamic and there seems to be a tremendous spirit among the personnel.”