Portrait: Pekka Antti-Roiko

Please tell us a little about your background?

I am originally from Kalajoki from Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. I left Kalajoki to study international business in 1996 and studied and worked in Lithuania, Belgium, England, and Ireland. In England, I joined IBM as the first Finnish recruiter on their EMEA-wide recruitment team. Sales and account management have been an integral part of my duties during my over 20-year career. In 2012, I returned home to Kalajoki, now with my wife and children.

What is your role in Prohoc?

As Prohoc’s Account Manager, I am responsible for the company’s selected customer relationships, finding new ways to expand cooperation, and making sure Prohoc is responding to customers’ expectations in the shorter and longer term. I already have taken on industry and customer responsibilities and received essential insights about the services in Prohoc. My job is to open doors to the services of the entire Prohoc Group and to enable people to find the right channels to develop our partnership with the customer.

How would you describe working with Prohoc customers?

At Prohoc, we are a fast-growing company where success and growth together with customers are key group goals. I feel we are in the same boat with our customers. We are not sitting on opposite sides of the table. Instead, we sit side by side, sharing a common goal where everyone has their important role. Our open-mindedness, robust interpersonal relationships with customers, and companies that thrive on creating opportunities for people are competitive advantage for us.

After announcing I would work with Prohoc, I received messages where people sincerely congratulated me on making a superb choice. These messages and the possibility of continuing working with many previous cooperation partners have made me feel there are no barriers to cooperation.


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