A story that began in 1996 has now reached its third chapter. At Prohoc we have created a new group structure with new subsidiaries, but more importantly, we have redefined our purpose.

We believe that successful businesses will become platforms of wellbeing and happiness, offering people, both employees and customers, the ability to fulfill their need for meaningfulness.

This is at heart what Prohoc 3.0 is set to offer. It means we further promote a culture where leadership means to serve and where empowering people is the main objective. We promote extraordinary employee and customer experience. The WHAT we do, is great service and project solutions to our customers, but the HOW we do it, focuses on SERVING PEOPLE.

“We set our course to redefine what we are really here for. The course we need to navigate calls for a faster ship with a direct link to adding value, meaning ability to create both Employee and Customer value. Everything we do needs to drive either or both. Our mission is to EMPOWER PEOPLE TO SHINE IN THE WORLD OF PROJECTS and we aim to become THE MOST VALUED PROJECT PARTNER.”, says CEO Matti Manner.

Prohoc provides a fresh and innovative option as an efficient, flexible, and agile project partner. Due to our independent position from any manufacturer, engineering, or construction contractor, we are capable to provide unique and lean, customer and case specific project solutions. We will combine our and our partners highest competences and utilize decades of experience, that we have gained together with our customers.

We aim for becoming the most valued project partner. Our services can be rapidly modified and adjusted to provide the most suitable solution to our customers’ needs. We are open and excited to review and implement the most feasible service foreach customer and project. We always deliver what we promise, but never compromise safety. The value delivered today is important, but the value delivered tomorrow is even more important. Ultimately our aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations every day.

“It is great to see that the new services we have been building for a while are really sought after by our customers. These include total site management services, remotely operated project and site services, and becoming more globally operating partner.”, says CBO Samuli Kyttälä.

eNPS as the most important KPI of the company

Employees’ well-being is a key to satisfied customers and company wealth. Employee satisfaction – and employee value – is a result of high-quality support services and company practices that support the employees and enable them to deliver premium service to our customers. This is what Prohoc 3.0 is delivering.

“We feel that we have really found our WHY. Building a team of well-being employees brings the best out of company and our services, and more importantly, it generates a company culture that we can all be proud of.” says CEO Matti Manner.

Diving under water, empowering connections ProhocProhoc has measured the employee value building blocks for years. Employee net promoter score (eNPS) is the most important KPI of the company and keeps steadily increasing floating currently in +55 which is already a good result. However, the target level is even higher, and company aims to bypass level of +60 by 2022. “You usually get what you measure. In addition to eNPS, we measure work ability, stress level, feedback, work conditions and many other KPI’s on quarterly basis.” says CHRO Ilkka Palola.

How can you improve the employee value? Work life surveys scanning the service business emphasize the same factors that Prohoc employees have stated: Good leadership, common vision, ability to develop yourself as a human and as a professional, and motivating work opportunities. It is living that meaningfulness into a reality, every day and project by project. We welcome our partners to build this with us – together!

You can read full article on our Scope Magazine #13