Prohocians in a few years

WHAT A YEAR! Everyone has certainly noticed Prohoc’s recent growth story, which we have been able to follow on several different channels. Prohoc is now on the way to becoming a workplace for 500 people in a few years.

One step forward was hiring the first full-time Talent Acquisition Specialist, Johanna Finström-Sara, in May 2021. At that time, the Group had about 180 employees. In her first months, Johanna started working with the Project Experts team, Proactor’s team, and Marketing & Communications Specialist, Jari Kangasmäki, to develop recruitment processes with the idea that there would be 500 Prohocians in a few years.

The growth rate was already high last year when there were 224 Prohocians at the end of the year, but this year has only just begun at a brisk pace.

“We have learned to make better use of our recruitment systems. We have started using logical tests and personality assessments as part of specific recruitment processes. We have invested more in recruitment marketing. In addition to this, we have hired two new Talent Acquisition Specialists at the beginning of 2022, Katri Elo and Mikael Rantala“, Johanna says.

Katri Elo has shown her expertise, among other things, in the recruitment of project professionals, where the number of employees has risen to about 150. In Proactor’s recruitment, Mikael Rantala has utilized his machinist background. He has managed to find around 50 new assemblers to Proactor together with Matias Träskbäck and Tuukka Rainio during the first half of the year.

”We have faced a vast demand for our services from our valued customers and this mean heavy need in recruitment. The team has done awesome job so far to fulfil the recruitment needs for all of our businesses!”, Iiro Wesslin, Sales Director, Projects says.

More than 1000 applications for various positions

During the first half of the year, Prohoc has received more than 1000 applications for various positions, which shows the interest in the employer and the successfulness of marketing campaigns. Campaigns have strongly included social media as well as billboard, newspaper, and bus ads.

To support Proactor’s recruitments, a marketing video was made with Proactor’s assemblers as the leading movie stars.

” I think in recruitment marketing, it’s essential to show job seekers the real co-workers with whom they would work in the future. That way, the work environment immediately gets one step closer”, Johanna says.

Prohoc employees were selected for the general awareness-raising marketing campaign, where the employees shared their highlights of Prohoc.

“The marketing campaign was a significant joint effort, and it demonstrated our ability to achieve nationwide attention and reach new potential Prohocians. We have received great feedback on career stories, and it was a joy to share the experiences of our professionals”, Jari describes.

After successful recruitments, new employees are also welcomed and introduced to Prohoc.

“We have also developed onboarding processes because the ways that worked a few years ago may not work today. In the future, we still have a lot to develop in both the recruitment and onboarding processes, but fortunately, excellent cooperation will make it possible”, Johanna sums up.

Prohoc’s recent growth story is just a beginning, and it is expected to continue at least the same level until the end of the year, if not beyond.

Read full article from Scope Stakeholder Magazine edition Summer 2022.