As we begin the new decade, we see constant change happening within information management in project business. Renewing Information Services strategy to tackle the digital challenges of customers is done in two ways; developing and expanding our existing core competences and adding new services into the portfolio.

Nita Päivärinta, Operations Manager

Prohoc’s current core business within Information Services includes project documentation services and information management consulting services as well as on-demand archive and archive services.

“We need to be able to evolve into a wider scope solution provider to better respond to our customer needs.” Says Nita Päivärinta, Operations Manager of Information Services.

As the importance of information management increases, we see that our customers will have a need for a solution that covers the information management throughout the project life cycle from sales phase to delivery. Offering a tailored service that includes not only resourcing but also co-ordination and management of the work can enable customers to really stay focused on their core business.


Working remotely brings new ways of working and makes companies think of new digital solutions to existing challenges. In some industries working remotely is already a reality, but during the COVID-19 crisis the more traditional industries are also forced to develop new digital strategies and learn to manage projects remotely. This exceptional time is highlighting some information management related challenges that companies have, such as digital safety and understanding own digital tools and environments.

Prohoc has used remote work for some time now and the benefits can be seen in terms of flexibility and efficiency.

“I believe that we can help our customers to become in control of their information management processes and practices. “ Says Nita. “Another change that we believe will take place is that as working at customer premises full time will not be as crucial, we can for instance manage the project information and documentation tasks for our customers around the world from one place. In addition, getting the best experts will be easier when we can offer flexibility in terms of location”.

Information Services is seen as a current topic and area of development in project business and it brings many possibilities for flexible cooperation. Therefore, we invite our customers and partners to a dialogue on how Prohoc could expand it’s Information Services portfolio to better assist our customers to improve the quality of their information management practices.