Significant proportion of Prohoc’s employees work on project sites around the world. The experts are taken care of mostly by a powerful team of three women. The team consists of Senior Project Coordinator Sesilia Alhainen, Administrative Coordinator Päivi Havulehto-Heinonen and Project Coordinator Tanja Skog. The goal of this team is to handle the experts’ HR and administration issues so that they can focus on the actual work at project locations.


Prohoc has focused on ensuring that everyone has access to personalized onboarding material. When the amount of the employers’ side bureaucracy is low and assistance with paperwork is available, experts can concentrate on their duties on site. “We help as much as possible for example with visa and travel arrangements. I want the person going to the site to have a feeling that we are with them through the whole project assignment, and they should concentrate exclusively on their task without any extra stress.” Sesilia Alhainen says.


Tanja Skog has been with Prohoc since 2015 and she is in contact with the site experts continuously on topics like travelling, equipment and more or less about the ‘everyday-issues’. Tanja says that she gives a lot of credit for the experts, that they are sophisticated and accommodating people.

“The situation could be that the expert has to be ready on site on the other side of the globe in 24 hours. The experts are ready to move quickly no matter when or where the assignment takes place, but at the same time they have the resilience to wait if the schedules are delayed.” Tanja describes.

“Our conscious choice is to always make time for a chat, whether on the phone, over the internet or face-to-face.” Päivi Havulehto-Heinonen informs. “Many have said that it is great to feel like being a part of a working community, even if the project site is far away from the headquarters. I am especially thankful for the positive and grateful messages from the site experts”. Tanja praises.


Päivi, Tanja and Sesilia shares great mutual respect for each other and they share a common feeling that together they are strong.

“It is nice to come to work every day and be a part of a great team. You can always count on getting help from other team members when needed. We have fun together and we share the same sense of humor and have great chemistry.” Päivi sums up.

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