Matias Träskbäck has extensive experience from a wide range of communities and teams, whether those are work-related or sports- based. The world of sports has also taught Matias a lot about leadership. Now, he is coaching Proactor team for achieving goals and evolving company culture.


This is how Matias perceives leadership from his perspective as an operations manager. In late 2019, Matias was asked to join in a new venture called Proactor and bring a hands-on approach. It was also an opportunity to Matias to start creating company operations and culture from scratch together with the newly established team.

Today, Matias and his team want to establish something unique and shake the old ways of operating. For example, they actively drive the mindset of ownership to Proactor operations and build goal-driven compensation models. Winning and celebrating as a team are the stable foundation of the Proactor culture and team-based manufacturing models. He emphasizes people are the key factor behind a successful start.

– We have a varied group of assemblers with strong expertise, ready to face any challenges. They are performing with the right attitude and actively participating in shaping Proactor’s development.

Captain of the team

The teamwork mentality is characteristic of Matias not only in working life but also on the football field. Laihia, Ostrobothnia, Finland is the place where Matias lived and studied as a child, but he was taken to Vaasa for practices since relatively early age for the sake of his football ambitions. Currently, he plays football in FC Kiisto on the second division and futsal on the first division.

According to Matias, football and any other team sport can give great life lessons to youngsters about determination and resilience in general and how to act in a group. Sports can also teach valuable lessons about leadership.

A big part of the operation manager ‘coaching’ in Proactor is to emphasize ownership and entrepreneurial mindset to assemblers. One tool for this is to provide so-called stretch assignments, where the skilled assemblers can take the lead on a new project or take the lead in a team to coordinate work.

– We are going towards a more autonomous perspective on the decision-making, and for this we have the “number 10” – the captain – in our groups, Matias describes.

One of the key elements of a successful team is a safe atmosphere. The great team spirit is evident in everyday life at Proactor, where people can express their feelings and ideas.

– It has been fascinating to see up close how our skilled assemblers build great engines and products for our customer. I am delighted about how our company operations and culture are evolving, Matias praises.

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