Looking from recruiter’s perspective – the engineering job market in Finland has “tightened up” in the last few years. In 2019 Prohoc’s customers are asking an increasing number of experts from the growing company. How to handle the vast demand and scarce supply situation of skilled engineers?

“We need to be a desirable employer and outperform the competition” says Iiro Wesslin, Director of Sales and Recruitment. Some of the points that allure applicants are Prohoc’s culture, low and clear organizational structure, access to many different locations and interesting customer projects among others. “We think Prohoc has succeeded in this because the vast amount of engineers are interested in our company and the customer projects.” Juhani Huhta, Director of KAM Sales and Recruitment, continues.

Prohoc recruitment works a bit differently compared to traditional one. The core is to get in contact with many suitable candidates and plan the next location, project and schedule according to specs and terms together. “We always discuss about future career possibilities and professional development goals, and then try to aim the next project assignments according to them.” Iiro says.

Sourcing for future needs

Prohoc’s mission is to enable our people to shine in the world of projects. “Employee NPS is our most important KPI in the long run.” says Iiro. The employees’ expertise is what Prohoc ultimately offers to the customers. “That is our greatest asset and it needs to be valued high and be taken care of.” Juhani adds.

Prohoc sources people with ads in recruitment portals and social media through company’s career-site. Prohoc also contacts people with suitable background directly in social media.

“We tend to lean forward when sourcing talent. We are continuously discussing upcoming projects with our customers and we need to have a feeling of what kind of expertise is needed, even before our customers do so.” Iiro states.

TOP-5 acquiring the best engineering talent:

– Have interesting assignments/projects available (location and industries may/should vary)

– Fit the right person to the right position (ambitious, yet suitable to experience and substance)

– Take good care of the crew (well-being, onboarding, culture, benefits etc.)

– Plan well ahead in cooperation with the customers and employees (have an idea about the next assignment before the current one comes to end)

– Enable employees to be stars of the show

Scope Stakeholder Magazine

Summer 2019