How it started

There is quite an interesting story about the early days of Prohoc Oy. We are living the second half of 1996 and the season for hockey club Vaasan Sport has just started. The young team is eager to put up their best performance, but the club is struggling financially. Someone throws an idea to establish a company where players and other salaried people from the club could work during the days. This could be a way to save the club from a bankruptcy and enable the young players to pursue their dreams. There’s alignment with the local big industrial names ABB and Wärtsilä among others and this setup is seen as a good way to outsource some non-core activities but also show some support for a good cause.

Old Prohoc logo from the early years

Old Prohoc logo from the early years

So starts cooperation regarding project information services and some other support services. A lot has happened after that, but today when Prohoc group turns 25 years, the grounding values and services are still there. Helping people to reach their full potential and serving customers in a close partnership.

How it’s going

Today after 25 years in business, Prohoc is a group of companies serving project driven industry and manufacturing industry in Finland and abroad with a team of over 200 professionals. We work with great companies which are all industry leaders in their respective domains. 80% of our revenues come from the so-called strategic customers and we are happy that we have been able to expand all our key customer accounts lately which is a proof of trust from our customers. And we are honored that all the main customers from 25 years back are still our very important friends.

As we are now on a scale-up strategy, we have been expanding our customer service capabilities and developing key customer accounts in new business areas.

Scaling-up and how

We are here to make a dent in the industrial services world by bringing the best employee value in the industry. Our mission is to help our people and our customers to reach their full potential. We are helping industrial blue-chip customers to drive sustainability and growth with our project and industrial partner services. Our goal is to be the best community for people working in the industrial services segment and the most valued partner for our chosen customers. We are a platform of prosperity and innovation, helping people and companies to reach their full potential.

Our ultimate objectives are to be a community of 500 prohocians with highest eNPS and NPS figures in our industry by end of 2024.

We are diversifying into new business segments, where EV battery segment is one of the new areas. We are happy to be part of the first mega factory being currently built in Sweden. Core of our strategy lies in the way we work together as a team and how we build our company’s culture. We treat each other with respect and live our values each day. We are a Just Cause -driven team that always puts the team’s success first.

We have done a significant change to our management model during the last 12 months when we have left the traditional hierarchical management model and began leading operations through two value creation processes, customer value and employee value. Strategy is executed through round tables and transparent communication, which is being seeing as a major competitive edge ensuring good maneuverability and pace of development.

We build and steer according to our Leading Indicators, ie. the best employee experience and the best customer value. Our people will take care of our business once we are facing the moment of truth – bringing value to our customers.