Prohoc is on a verge of expanding the service portfolio and utilizing new kind of business and project opportunities. In order to get there we are receiving a helping hand: Prohoc is proud to present Samuli Kyttälä, the Chief Business Officer. Samuli has extensive background in project business internationally and he is responsible for Prohoc’s Project Business.

Samuli Kyttälä, Prohoc Chief Business Officer

“I was born in Espoo in 1973. I followed my parents on their professional path and graduated from Helsinki University of Technology in 2000. I studied product development, manufacturing and industrial economics. I live in Porvoo with my wife and three sons.

STARTING THE CAREER – During my master’s studies I received an opportunity to work as a trainee and write my master’s thesis at Neste, later Neste Jacobs. Working in different types of customer projects with different customers was very interesting and provided continuously new challenges to learn and to grow on. I got opportunities to work and live abroad, meet people and professionals from many different cultures and learn from them.

LEADERSHIP – I have been privileged to have the opportunity to work in organizations and companies led by innovative and courageous leaders. They have had skills to motivate and encourage people to shine and to operate as a winning team towards mutual success. I appreciate the leaders’ capability to receive and utilize feedback.

FEATURES OF A LEADER – I believe in a few cornerstones of leadership, such as trust, honesty and fairness. Effective communication is the key to success. A good leader is also capable of receiving feedback and taking corrective actions and making changes to improve and develop him/herself.

Flexible, innovative and agile ways of working

ROAD TO PROHOC – Prohoc has an excellent reputation as a trustworthy project partner in industrial projects. I know we have a lot of potential to generate and deliver customer value via wide scope of project services. We have also great basis to develop services and business further with our customers towards long-term partnerships keeping the focus on Customers’ ultimate needs and common success.

AS A CBO – I am a business-oriented leader with high customer focus. I have also learned to utilize company strategy as a basis of doing business. I believe in continuous co-operation and communication (internally and with the customers). A good leader leads the willingness to win together.

CHALLENGES IN BUSINESS – The biggest business challenges today are global. It might not be possible to execute the work or deliver the services anymore the way we used to. We need to be flexible, innovative and agile to find new ways of working, utilize new technologies and/or tools etc. I can see this as one of our strengths at Prohoc.

MEASURING SUCCESS – I am used to operating based on the strategy. We need to prepare it well, via communication throughout the organization and with customers and stakeholders leading to manageable implementation. Then we will set the multilevel goals (short and long term) accordingly and execute.”

You can read the rest of Samuli’s story in the 13th edition of Prohoc Scope Magazine.