In Prohoc we believe that our mission as a company is to be the most wanted project partner in the market. To achieve this mission, we need the most empowered personnel. Our employees are our focus and we want to encourage our people to become the best versions of themselves. 

“We wanted a long-term campaign which would challenge and engage our employees to achieve long-term well-being results together. We got the idea of starting with the basics: encouraging our employees to walk more and sleep better” says Sesilia Alhainen, the organizer of Prohoc’s Wellbeing Campaign.

The main goal of the campaign is to challenge everyone to think about their daily routines. The campaign will last for six months during which Prohocians can challenge each other in different sports and activities and keep track of all their activities via the campaign’s official Teams site.

Tracking progress 

The most inclusive part of this campaign has been the Health 1.0.1. competition, where participants were encouraged to track their daily steps and sleeping hours with the purpose of raising mindfulness on their health habits. 

“This really makes you think about your living habits. And a little competition with your colleagues is never boring!” says Pauliina Mylläri, one of the leading competitors of the campaign. 

“We are looking forward to getting empowering results from the campaign: to have more energetic and happy people after it!”, concludes Sesilia. 

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Summer 2019